Ouija-Order Lover

This is my first work, after reading so many stories in my time in the furry fandom with countless topics, I felt the desire to contribute with my own story/series/novella and here is the first one and this is what I can share about it:

Jaxel Salazar is a shark who is having a bad time keeping a relationship, loving to put the blame on his lovers, he decides as a way to get a revenge on his ex lovers is to invoke the dangerous, yet lustful demon Odranelarus who has his very own secret agenda, quite different from the purpose the shark originally wanted him to arrive with.

As the demon begins to interact with Jaxel’s former lovers to fulfil the contract which brought him to his world, he meets Raidrel, a dragon who taught Jaxel everything he knows about demons, which turns out to be something more than the demon can chew along with Darasio, an undercover demon hunter dragged into this situation, now both demon hunter and demon worshipper must work as a team to stop the demon and the shark from fulfilling their goal.

You can find it under the stories menu!

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